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Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Alpacas can make great pets! If you have simply fallen in love with an alpaca but can’t afford the investment costs related to breeding, registration, etc. then perhaps a pet alpaca is the answer. However, before rushing out to purchase that pet alpaca there are a few things you must keep in mind. First, alpacas are herd animals and must share a pen with another alpaca, so two alpacas is the first requirement. Secondly, make certain that the temperament of the alpacas you are purchasing is normal and you are not taking on an alpaca with a problem temperament.

Alpacas designated as pet quality can range in price from $500 and up, about the same price as an AKC puppy. Also, if you are interest in a Companion Quality (Pet Quality) alpaca for fleece or spinning purposes, this may be the very way to do this. Consequently, because they are considered pet quality does not mean their fleece is of high micron count. It can mean only that this alpaca has a conformational problem. For example, a blue-eyed alpaca is frequently considered to be at risk of deafness, or some other congenital defect may appear in the history of the pedigree. As a result these alpacas are removed from the breeding pool and deemed Pet Quality.


If you are considering purchasing an alpaca as a pet consider gelding the male of two years old or above, in order to maintain a mellow disposition and temperament. Gelding is not recommended on a male alpacas prior to the age of two due to complications in the growth process. Other than the cost of gelding, keeping a couple of alpacas as pets can be done quite inexpensively. The expenses you can expect are annual vet exams, vaccinations, worming, shearing, feed costs and supplements to the feed. A pet dog can easily be more expensive to keep than two male alpacas.

Kids love alpacas. It is a wonder to watch the delight on the face of a child when they first meet an alpaca. And, most alpacas have an affinity for children. For the small acreage landowner with children, alpacas may be a perfect match. Besides the opportunity to learn the basic skills needed to care for a pet, children may even develop a life long interest in the fiber arts.