(a) Advancements on writing skill

The first is advancements on writing skills. My writing skills improved in writing in English essay since PSD class encouraged all their students to do task in group and finish up the assignment in English language. Besides, while write blog-weekly entry also one step that trained me how to write better and improve my writing skill from time to time. By taking this PSD subject, at least I can identify and correct my grammar error and make a perfect sentence without any error.

(b) Advancements on communication skill

Next is advancements on communication skills. Since take PSD subject, I am more confidence to communicate with other peoples in English language. This is because almost activities in this class required all their students to try speaking in English with each other. For example is when sharing the stories that have moral values. This is one method that enhanced and sharpens my communication skills. Furthermore, this transferable skill is necessary in future when interview for a job. Lastly, the communication skill is shown confidence level of one person.

(c) Advancements on presentation skill

The last one is advancements on presentation skills. PSD subject had helped me a lot in increasing and improving my presentation skill by all together discuss how to present in the good way. The best presentation is when can attract the audience attention to hear and listen what we are presented in front. If the audience give a good reaction to my presentation, that means my presentation be listened and focused. For conclusion, the presentation skill is important because nowadays the company seek a new employee that have a good presentation skill and communication skill that can make many profit for the company.


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