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Akil (KIL), a quiet and depressed young man sees suicide as an solution though he never succeeds in pulling it off. A chance encounter brings him face to face with the “Life Action Bureau” or LAB, an organization that will help him end his life. But after being bound to LAB’s terms and conditions, he meets pretty and vivacious Zara with whom he eventually falls in love with and gives him a reason to live. The new Akil who embraces life must now race against time to undo what he has set in motion before he gets killed.


It is a film which has been anticipated by many in the local entertainment industry. Two years to be exact. The film was reportedly produced on a small budget and filmed in an astonishing 11 days! Suicide. It is very rare that a Malaysian film will take on a sensitive subject which some in the public might frown upon it. I feel Grand Brilliance took a big risk in distributing KIL but I think it will pay off.


The film is told via a non-linear story line. A non-linear story line is when a film doesn’t start with the ‘beginning’ and finishes with the ‘end’ but could start with the ‘end’ or any parts of the film. This is rarely seen locally and always in Hollywood films. For a film that has a ‘dramatic’ premise, I like the fact that it was not too heavy and does not bore the audience. On average they are watching impressed, excited and jealous of the greatness of this film. Strong story line, strong acting and wonderful cinematography KIL making it one of the must watch movie of the year.

KIL Movie Details :
Director : Nik Amir Mustapha
Cast : Redza Minhat, Cristina Suzanne Stockstill
Genre : Drama, Romance and Mystery
Release Date : 30 May 2013

p/s : For those who do not watch it yet…


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