Paris Love Locks: A Love That Won’t Die

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Love locks appear in many locations around the world, and their historical importance varies greatly from place to place, but ultimately, they are a symbol of everlasting love. What happens is a couple writes their names on a padlock, they lock it onto the bridge and then throw the key into the river below. It is said that when you place a lock on the bridge your love is “locked forever” and nothing can break the seal unless you retrieve the key to unlock it, which would be near impossible since it is at the bottom of the river. This reality induces many brokenhearted individuals to return with bolt cutters to try to chop off the padlocks.



There are two bridges in Paris with the locks, you must be very careful which bridge you put your lock on because Pont des Arts is for your committed love, while Pont de l’Archevêché is for your lover. This may explain why Pont de l’Archevêché is completely packed with locks, while Pont des Arts has plenty of room. Whether you’re just admiring the ocean of locks or adding to the collection, these bridges are definitely two spots to stop while in Paris.

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